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Hyde Park Denim is a leading denim supplier in the United States. Our denim shop is proud to offer exclusive imported fashion denim and other fancy related denim fabric. Only the best materials go into this denim and the best brands use it. From stretch denim fabric to raw denim, we sell denim that will fit your custom specifications. This includes denim fabric for jeans. There is a lot that goes into the manufacturing of denim for jeans, which includes left hand twill and right-hand twill. The difference between the two impacts the cost of the jeans. Let's take an inside look into these factors.

Left Hand Twill vs Right Hand Twill For Denim Jeans

The direction of the twill in the weave actually impacts the value and cost of a pair of jeans. There is either a left-hand twill or a right-hand twill and depending on the direction the cost of the jeans go up or down. The twill is the upward direction of the diagonal twill on the face of the fabric. For the right-hand twill, it goes up from the lower left toward the upper right. And it is the opposite for the left-hand twill. From the lower right to the upper left.

When it comes to which twill is more valuable there is no question it is the left-hand twill. This is due to the fact that it has more strength and durability. Whereas right-hand twills tend to stretch out and stay baggy until washed. The washing of denim jeans acts as a reset of the fit, but can also lessen the longevity of the jean.

On top of being more durable, the fabric of a right-hand twill is more forgiving. A right-hand twill will be a more comfortable garment that will more easily conform to the wearer's shape. However, it will also have a lesser recovery to the garment's original shape.

When it comes to a left-hand twill, it can naturally lock the weave in place. This allows for the yarns to have more of a north and south-east to west directional weave. Since the threads twist to the right and the fabric weaves to the left, it creates a more securely woven fabric.

The twill impacts both the value and the cost of the jean. So, for denim manufacturers it is important to understand this when it comes to utilizing the material to produce jeans. Learn more about the characteristics of denim and how they impact the making of jeans.

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