Highest Quality Jean Fabrics

Nationwide Distributor of Denim Fabrics

Hyde Park Denim is a denim manufacturer that distributes to customers around the country. We manufacture the highest quality jean fabrics and welcome orders both large and small. As an in-house manufacturer of denim, we can customize orders to specifically adhere to your requirements. Simply get in touch with us and we will do the rest! We provide wholesale denim prices to ensure that you do not need to break the bank when you order through us.

Stylish Imported Denim Fabric

We are excited to be offering exclusive, imported fashion denim and fancy related denim fabric. We offer our customers some of the highest quality jean fabrics. Exceptional denim material that is found in the most expensive jean and sportswear apparel on the market. The same jean fabrics that are used by famous brands and created using the finest materials. We import denim that originates from places like Turkey, Italy and Japan. All this because we want to offer you the highest quality denim fabrics. Our denim is available as both stretch and non-stretch solids and prints. 

Call For A Free Quote On Our Jean Fabrics

Hyde Park Denim has years of experience in the industry and has become a trusted denim manufacturer for many outlets. We are a renowned manufacturer of quality denim fabrics and offer some of the highest quality jean fabrics on the market. This allows outlets both large and small to utilize our manufacturing capabilities.

For more information about all that we offer, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free quote for many of our order possibilities. The number to call to speak to a customer service representative is (877) DENIM TO SELL. We will glaldy answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding denim fabric and its uses.