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Sophisticated Denim from Eton

Posted On: March 05, 2018

Eton, a high-end men’s clothing company begun in 1928, has made classy use of denim materials. Featured in various shades of blue, the Swedish company’s modern, denim button-down shirt is suitable for a stylish-looking business outfit. Specific colors of the shirts include navy blue, indigo and purple. Prior to a salesman exposing the brand name in England in the 1950s, the now-successful company started as a small business which made clothing for people in a Swedish village. 

Many other companies have since followed in the footsteps of Eton, designing their own style of denim-based clothing. Speak with Hyde Park Denim today about which fabrics will work best with your new designs.


Denim Cycling Apparel

Posted On: November 19, 2017

As bike-riding in the United States has dramatically increased in popularity, so has innovation for denim cycling apparel. Resolute Bay, a London-based clothing brand geared for the casual commuter, has skillfully bridged denim and the cycling lifestyle.

Its limited run of “RB2” jeans are created with raw Japanese denim. While the quality and durability are impressive, the best part is that these jeans feature a reflector for safer riding at night. Their denim shorts, made of cotton and nylon, are highlighted by a back panel which can be unzipped to show a reflector as well. The design also provides a more comfortable ride.

Manufacturing all of its products in the UK, Resolute Bay has found the perfect marriage of denim and inventive bicycle safety.


Selvedge Denim

Posted On: June 15, 2016

Selvedge denim--not to be confused with salvaged denim—has carved a niche for itself in the industry. A popular fabric for high-quality jeans, selvedge is woven or knit. As a result, the material remains solid. No fraying or curling. This technique is formed by using a shuttle loom. When selvedge denim is used for jeans, the finished edges are created by the loom and are without the overlocked edges normally found on alternate jeans.

The construction of the denim in this form is quite strong. It may cost a little more, but it is worth the effort. When the material is not in the selvedge category, a lower standard cotton is involved. Designers and businesses in the know, such as 3x1 Denim, are standing by the idea of selvedge (or self-edge). The quality is high and demand is growing.


Global Denim Awards

Posted On: October 06, 2015

The second Global Denim Awards will be held October 29 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The objective is to showcase new, creative ideas for denim apparel by merging the mills and the artists. Photo by Team Peter Stigter.

The debut of the event in 2014 featured designers with no previous experience in denim, along with some of the top mills throughout the world. The runway at last year’s event, sponsored by sustainable cotton program e3, featured innovative collections of denim outfits from designers from such countries as Italy, Turkey and England. Denims and Jeans reported that the debut runway show featured use of “clean fabrics, modern designs, mixed patterns…and standout stitches.”


Jeans Company FNL Denim

Posted On: September 25, 2015

In addition, to the interesting DIY denim projects we discover, there are noteworthy start-up businesses that are realizing the potential of denim. FNL Denim, a young company founded by a duo from Wichita, Kansas, were unhappy with an overpriced designer jean. After learning about the production of denim jeans and gaining experience in the industry, they quickly became comfortable using sewing machines for various styles of stitching.

Prior to this new skill, the two entrepreneurs had no experience in the field. Following ethics utilized while playing sports, they dedicated time to practicing the craft of sewing and stitching. They now use ten industrial sewing machines and produce all the denim jeans themselves. 


Denim Panels

Posted On: May 28, 2015

St. Luke’s in Durham, North Carolina, has found an amazing use for denim fabric. They have applied the material to the walls of their Parish hall.

“Just wanted you to know we finished fabricating and installing the 1,000 square feet of acoustical panels in our Parish hall. The fabric you supplied looks great with the existing light blue paint and the space has no longer the "empty barn" sound reverberation that made it unsuitable for meetings. I would call this a win for both form and function. Thanks for your help.” -Scott C.


Winter Denim

Posted On: December 03, 2013

Denim is a great winter fabric.

So many people only think of denim as a fashion product. Something to wear when you want to look fabulous and hot. The thing so many people do not realize is that the construction and weight of denim fabric also makes it a deliciously warm product that will help get you through those cold winter days and nights feeling cozy, warm, and stylish.

 Think for example of the gold rush days when our early American pioneers wore denim jeans and jackets and conquered the winter elements. Some fabulous denim garments are the flannel lined jeans and the sherpa lined denim jackets and coats. These will keep you so warm that you will want to wear them on a ski trip as well as when you go out on a cold Saturday night.

We sell heavy weight as well as fashion weight denim, Contact us today for samples or any questions you might have.


Denim Fabric for Pet Beds

Posted On: April 30, 2013

Friends of mine treat their dog with a denim fabric bed. The cushioning looks comfortable. A bed made of denim fabric for humans seems like a challenging idea.