DIY Sewing with Your Home Sewer

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Have you ever wanted to sew with denim in your home, but only have a home sewing machine? Have you ever wondered if you need a more heavy-duty sewing machine? Well, wonder no more! We have the answers!

Can I Sew Denim On My Home Sewing Machine?

Yes, you can. But you must use caution and there are some stipulations. The easiest way to sew with denim on your home sewing machine is if you are using the regular dress weight denim and you do not attempt to sew many layers of the fabric at one time.

For the most part, denim is a pretty heavy-duty material. So, you will need a sewing machine that is also pretty sturdy. If you have a cheaper sewing machine, then you may not like how the project turns out. So be warned! You will need a heavy-duty sewing machine if you want to sew multiple layers of thick denim. This includes sewing the hem of jeans at the seam. Industrial machines do with easily. However, some home machines may struggle with that sort of depth.

The Right Needle Is Important

DIY Home SewerWe recommend going a little slow with your home sewing machine when working with denim. However, using the right needle is equally important. Make sure to change the needle to the appropriate size when moving to a thicker fabric. When you use the right needle with a good, quality thread, then your home sewing machine will likely work great with denim fabric. Especially if you are not doing too many layers.

A walking foot or a feed foot is a great accessory to have when sewing at home. Another accessory to look into is roller feet, which is easy on denim.

Upgrade For Heavyweight Denim

As mentioned, your home sewing machine can work well for many light denim projects. However, if you want to be adventurous and go for more heavy-duty project then we recommend upgrading your machine. If you plan to regularly work with heavyweight denim and want to sew multiple layers at once, then you are better off upgrading to a commercial or industrial grade sewing machine. The front fly and zipper area is an area for denim jeans that may require an industrial sewing machine.

If you plan on using very heavy threads to use for topstitching or to stitch multiple layers of denim, then you will need to purchase a machine that is designed for those tasks. However, one way to use a heavy thread with a regular sewing machine is to sew the heavy thread in the bobbin. Then use a regular size thread in the top needle. Of course, this is simply a work around and the result is less durable. But it can still work!

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