DIY Sewing Tips

When it comes to sewing denim, there are some important tips to help the DIY home sewer. We are a proud supplier of wholesale denim fabric that is perfect for the home sewer! Check out some DIY sewing tips on how to effectively sew at home!

What Machine Settings Should I Use When Sewing Denim?

Of course, this can be more a preferred option. However, there are settings on the sewing machine that align with the denim fabric. When you sew with denim, we recommend increasing the stitch length to 3.5 - 4. At times, you may even have to navigate thick seams with the turn of the hand wheel. That comes with practice and learning.

When you plan on sewing at home, there are a few tips to follow. Because it is not often viable to use a home sewing machine when you use denim.

Which Needle Should I Use When Sewing Denim?

When you sew with denim, it is best to use a special needle. One that is specifically for denim and jeans. You can easily find this at sewing supply stores or online. These needles have a bigger eye, which accommodates the thicker thread that you need to use when sewing denim. And these needles are also longer and sharper, since the denim material is thick. Note that if you are using stretch denim, then you may need a stretch needle.

If you are planning on completing a larger project, then we advise to keep some extra denim needles on hand. When sewing denim, you need the needle to be sharp. However, the process of sewing with denim quickly dulls the needle, so you will need to change it out fairly often to get the best results.

DIY Sewing TipsLastly, we recommend taking your time when sewing denim and to not go too fast. When you sew fast with denim, you run the risk of breaking needles. So go slow for the best results.

How Do I Cut Denim?

When cutting denim pattern pieces, please make sure that the directional ribbing in its surface is consistent. And it must always be in one direction. Follow this for all patterns pieces on the garment to keep the look consistent. Otherwise, it will turn out crumby and look weird. We recommend using the sharpest cutting tools you have for the cutting the denim. Both rotary cutters and scissors will work.

Which Thread Is Best I For Sewing Denim?

Topstiching thread is the best thread to use for sewing denim. However, if you do not have topstitch thread, don't worry! You can still sew with denim. If your sewing machine has an extra spool pin, you can use two spools of thread at once to get the effect of a thicker thread.  Attach the spool and thread the sewing machine and the needle with both the thread from the spools as one.

When you use a topstitch, contrasting colors are common for denim fabric in jeans. But your choice of thread color depends on the effect you want on the garment. Bright contrast colors are usually preferred. Try it on a scrap piece of fabric to test it out. Denim fabric comes in many different shades, so you can see which contrast color goes well with the denim.

Buttonhole twist is also a great topstitching thread. This is due to its strength and attractive sheen. When you use a heavy thread on the top thread spool, do not use the regular thread in the bobbin.

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