Denim Printing

Easy Denim Printing for DIY Sewer

Denim allows for many fun and intriguing ways to use the material, especially on a DIY level. One of them is with denim printing. Denim printing is popular because it does not affect the strength of the fabric, unlike other finishing processes of denim that can reduce the strength of the fabric by 50% or more. The printing of denim garments is mostly carried out on a garment screen printing machine after cutting the panels of garments before sewing. To do so, garment components are placed on a palate and printed with screens loaded onto a rotating carousel. The denim printing process is followed by a fixation process to fix the pigments with binders. In general, prints are applied to mainly to the hip pockets, side seams, pocket insides and the back side of pants.

Denim Printing Techniques

The three common methods for denim printing are discharge printing, flock printing and varak printing. With discharge printing, the discharge patterns are produced by destruction of the original dye in the printed areas. There are also high fashion printing techniques that are applicable on denim jeans based on novel pigments with metallic effects, phosphorescent colors, optically variable pigments and photochronic pigments. Embossing is another technique that allows engraving a simple pattern, as well as the ability to obtain 3D patterns on denim fabrics. In order to produce a pattern, the fabric is passed through a calendar where the heated metal bowl engraved with the pattern works against a relatively soft bowl.

There are also nonconventional printing techniques, such as inkjet printing of denim jeans. Inkjet printing of jeans is slowly becoming more mainstream and replacing screen printing altogether. It offers a versatility that has led to the development of innovative fashion designs, which is changing the way textiles and fashion designers interact with denim fabrics and stimulating their creativity within a digital frame.

Laser engraving is also a nonconventional printing technique that is gaining popularity and is one of the easiest printing applications for denim garments, which results in unlimited patterns. The biggest advantage of laser methos over other conventional printing techniques is that it is the simulation of traditional finishing effects and the reproduction of any type of images, color fading and 3D effects with reduced water and energy use.

Digital Printing on Denim

Digital printing is an eco-friendly way to denim print, since it uses a small amount of colorant on the fabric and thus uses less water and energy. It is also a method that you can apply in small lots with a variety of designs easily created and digitally printed on jeans. Also, laser engraving methods have a few environmentally friendly advantages over chemical and mechanical washing techniques. Digital printing is both more cost effective and eco-friendly compared to conventional coloration and washing techniques.

On top of those aforementioned benefits, digital printing also provides the DIY designers with more artistic freedom. When you have this method down pat, it is easy to come up with a variety of motifs and patterns and print them onto denim fabrics. Digital printing is great for DIY home sewers, but it is also great for creative professionals as they can work closely with retail distribution networks in real time and produce fast results. Gaining a competitive advantage over other methods due to its speed.

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