Laundered Denim Fabric in Large Quantities

We Sell Denim for Retailers Nationwide

Hyde Park Denim offers different types of laundered denim for sale in retail quantities and at wholesale prices. The denim we have for sale is ready to be cut and sewn with no processing necessary. Unlike raw denim fabric, which we sell, laundered denim fabric is pre-washed and is softened. Laundered denim is also rich in color, which adds to the fashion sense of using it. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. And it keeps its durability, so it is long-lasting.

The pricing for all out laundered denim for sale is as follows:

  • 1 - 4 Yards: $39 Per Linear Yard (Includes Shipping)
  • 5 - 10 Yards: $25 Per Linear Yard (Includes Shipping)
  • 11+ Yards: $21 Per Linear Yard (Includes Shipping)

For volume orders of 50 yards or more call us direct. The more denim fabric you buy, the better the deal! Hyde Park Denim is the perfect place to buy wholesale denim for retailers.

Types of Laundered Denim Fabric for Sale

At Hyde Park Denim, we pride ourselves on having the best quality denim fabric for sale. While also providing options. Here are the different types of laundered denim fabric we have for sale. Get the color that most adheres to your needs.

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What is Laundered Denim?

Laundered denim is simply another term for washed denim. Which means it is denim that is washed before it is sold. It is produced in the same way as raw denim, with cotton yard being dyed and then spun into the denim. When the denim is washed, it is easier to cut and use, which many retailers prefer. Once the washed denim arrives, you can cut and sew immediately without having to worry about washing.

For retailers and manufacturers, washed denim is the popular choice. Most jeans are made out of washed denim. That is because buyers want their jeans to be soft and that is what you get with laundered denim. With washed denim, the garment looks and feels lived-in. Whereas raw denim is harder and more uncomfortable, so selling jeans from raw denim is not typical.

The laundered denim we sell captures the beauty and durability that dates back to the original crafting of denim. This denim fabric is fashionable and modern, but will still capture the "Early Americana" feeling of denim. This denim has so many great uses, including apparel, upholstery, bags, shoes and much more.


The process of washing denim is known as sanforization, which involves more than simply the submerging of denim underwater for a few minutes. Sanforization is a time-consuming and extensive process that involves the use of a special machine that moistens denim with hot water.

The sanforizing machine features a rotating cylinder that presses the denim fabric, which causes it to compress. This process has been around since 1930, which is why jeans continue to feature that old school look and feel. More effective sanforizing machines have been developed over the years, but the basic process has remained the same. The process goes as such: denim is exposed to pressure and hot water during the washing process and the end result is the washed denim. When you turn to Hyde Park Denim, get laundered denim fabric that looks and feels great, which makes it perfect for all sorts of retailers and manufacturers.