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Being a trusted denim vendor in the USA means you have to have the best in high-quality denim fabric. Since there are so many options, it is important to choose a vendor that you can trust and that delivers reliable denim fabric that is also affordable. At Hyde Park Denim, we proudly have a great selection of denim for sale and have become a trusted vendor for both home DIYers and businesses both big and small. So if you need affordable denim, then please reach out to us today!

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Understand the Cost of Denim Production

As a longtime denim vendor in New York, we know all the aspects in order to sell affordable and reliable denim fabric. And one important factor to consider in all of this is understanding the cost of denim production. Otherwise, you may run yourself right out of business. The production of denim fabric starts with the cultivating of cotton. How this works is that fabric producers take cotton fibers from cotton plants, brush them into thin strings, and then spin them into a thick yarn. Once that is done, the next step is to treat and dye the yarn. Then weave it into a denim fabric.

As one would imagine, this can be a costly factor. So the trick is to get this done in an affordable way and still maintain a reliability with the denim fabric. Everyone wants a high-quality product and we aim to do just that. But there is that saying, "You pay for what you get." And we firmly believe in producing high-quality denim fabric that lasts. Sometimes this may be referred to as "cheap denim," but we assure you it is only cheap compared to the high-end denim fabric. It is not cheap in quality.

A Unique Denim Vendor

Natural Bull Denim As it is for any business, we pride ourselves on being a unique denim vendor. Offering denim fabric and materials that only we can produce. Which is why we are popular among home DIYers, as well as small businesses and manufacturers. Our standard for denim speaks for itself and you will not get denim fabric of this quality and this price point anywhere else.

There are different factors that come into play during the manufacturing of denim. Here are some common aspects that we take into consideration for the denim we manufacture.

Raw Denim

Raw denim is the best choice for that original denim look and feel. It has not been treated or washed, which gives it the authentic blue denim look. This is the denim one would use for denim jackets and jeans. Learn more about raw denim and its benefits.

Stretch Denim Fabric

This is the sort of material one seeks when they want a stretchy, form-fitting type of jean. Stretch denim fabric incorporates spandex, which gives it the ability to stretch. A great material to use for the manufacturing of skinny jeans. Learn more about stretch denim fabric.


Selvedge denim is one of the strongest types of denim. It is very durable and does not unravel easily. A common denim material for jackets with fringe and clean edges.

Sanfornized Denim

Sanfornized denim is a very soft denim material, which also makes it a popular type to use for jeans. It is soft and offers the ability to stretch. However, it does not have the durability inherent in other types of denim, so its lifespan may not be as long.

Acid Washed Denim

Acid washed denim is treated by washing it in an acid that slowly eats away at the dark blue dye and winds up with a stippled appearance.

Crushed Denim

Crushed denim provides for a more casual look and feel. It is very comfortable, stretchy, and even durable. It is made with a velvet-like weave and is a great material for both jeans and jackets.

Poly Denim

So, poly denim is not authentic denim. Hence the name. It is manufactured using a mixture of polyester, cotton, nylon and other common fibers. So the end result is a very soft and comfortable hybrid denim material. Of course common with jeans and jackets, but shoe manufacturers also dabble with this material.

So since we are an established US denim vendor, we utilize many of the common manufacturing capabilities to create denim material you can only get with us. We pride ourselves on our denim manufacturing and providing customers with an affordable, yet very reliable, denim fabric. Purchase from Hyde Park Denim for the best prices on denim fabric on Long Island!