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As a wholesale supplier of stretch denim fabric, we can accommodate any type or size of order. And wholesale pricing is available to make purchasing easy. Order the type of stretch denim fabric by the yard at a price that you can afford. So please, reach out to us today for more information about our denim. The number for our office is (917) 912-6484. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for your order.

There is nothing else quite like stretch denim fabric, since it has a small percentage of elastic material in it. Typically, the additional type of elastic is spandex. This material will dry faster than average and is highly elastic, meaning it reforms to the initial shape after it stretches. Shop our laundered denim today!

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The Story of Spandex

The manufacturing of stretch denim fabric has to incorporate an elastic component. Spandex is a common synthetic fiber you will find in a large percentage of today's clothing. Many manufacturers use spandex in the denim fabric to create elasticity. Its origin dates back to World War II, when scientists were attempting to invent a material that was comparable to rubber. At the time, rubber that already existed was being used for military equipment. Synthetic spandex fibers were eventually manufactured by Du Pont, who branded the material as “lyrca,” in the early 1960s.

Surprisingly, only a small percentage of spandex needs to be within the denim fabric in order to create a significant stretching capacity. Only about 3% of spandex is used to create about a 15% rate of elasticity. However, the incorporation of this feature shortens the wearing lifespan.

Since being introduced in the marketplace, spandex has been combined with many other materials, including denim, allowing for the "stretching" concept. Spandex is noted for its ability to greatly stretch, while at the same time maintaining durability. As a result, the material is not only commonly found in denim clothing, but also frequently a major component of sportswear for athletes. Stretch denim fabric is one of the most popular forms of denim. Check out our selection of denim for sale. We offer affordable wholesale pricing to help you afford the denim we sell.

Understanding Stretch Denim Fabric

Unique properties are present in stretch denim fabric and elastic spandex material. The fibers which construct the fabric contain polymer strands, which consist of two separate types. One is long and amorphous, which means it does not have a clearly defined shape and causes softness. The other type is short and rigid. While the rigid segments provide structure, it breaks when you apply some force. This is when the amorphous segments come into play. They stretch and become longer. Once they are as long as possible, the short rigid strands strengthen by bonding. When you remove a force from application, the fibers will go back to the original form.

At Hyde Park, we have the stretch denim fabric for which you are looking. All of our fabrics originate from the top mills in the world. Whether you are searching for materials to use for a DIY project to upholster furniture or you are an entrepreneur ready to start a clothing business, all the fabrics you could want are at Hyde Park.

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