Should I Pre-wash Denim?

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When it comes to DIY denim projects, there are some aspects to consider. One of them is pre-washing denim or not. Denim fabric is made up of cotton fibers. So it will shrink with washing. And sometimes the color runs too. Which makes it pretty necessary to pre-wash the fabric. So before you purchase denim, make sure you find out if the material has been pre-washed or not. This makes a huge difference and determines whether you pre-wash the denim fabric or not.

When Denim Is Pre-Washed

Oftentimes, the denim will come pre-wash, so that the shrinkage is minimal. It can be as low as 1%. The term for this is "sanforized." When the denim is sanforized, it was been pre-treated and pre-washed. So you can use sanforized denim for sewing purposes right away without washing it. However, there might be sizing in the fabric that makes it difficult for you to sew. Something to keep in mind.

Washing Raw Denim Fabric

Many people do prefer raw denim fabric, which is unsanfronized. What makes raw denim an attractive option to many is its deep color. This is because many who purchase denim want the denim to fade naturally. And not to have it fade through some chemical process.

When you opt for raw denim, it has to be pre-washed. There is no option no to do it. When you wash it, you will soak the raw denim fabric in a full tub of water for an extended period of time. Then hang it to completely dry before you sew. Many also place the raw denim into a washing machine, which is also an option. The pre-wash process is often done up to three times, since the denim continues to shrink.

How To Handle Denim Edges When Washing

The edges of the denim fabric tend to ravel, which is also something to consider in all this. What this means is that if you take denim fabric from the bolt and wash it as is, then you may have an unraveling mess situation once the washing is complete. Especially if you place the denim fabric in the washing machine. One way to remedy this issue is to use your pinking shears on the edges. Many also use basting switches to stitch the denim fabric edges together. When you do this, you make the fabric into a tube and then you wash it. The basting stitches will come off easy enough after the washing is complete. And the edges will remain intact after the wash, so there is no unraveling.

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