Dark Blue Laundered Denim

Our Dark Blue laundered denim is ready to be cut and sewn with no processing necessary. Unlike raw denim, this laundered fabric has been pre-washed and is softened. It is also rich in color, soft to the touch, yet still durable and long-lasting. It provides comfort, fashion, and durability to all who use it.

Our Dark Blue Laundered Denim for sale is a 14-ounce fabric and is 66" wide. We can cut this laundered denim to meet your exact requirements to the yard. Check below to see our pricing breakdowns by the yard.


  • 1 - 4 Yards:  $39 Per Linear Yard  (Includes Shipping)
  • 5 - 10 Yards:  $25 Per Linear Yard  (Includes Shipping)
  • 11+   Yards:  $21 Per Linear Yard  (Includes Shipping)

For volume orders of 50 yards or more call us direct.
Additional shades in stock!

$39.00 /Yard.
In Stock
Qty Discount:1-45-1011-more
Yard. $39.00$25.00$21.00

For more information about our dark blue laundered denim fabric, please contact us today. Wholesale ordering available!