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Denim is a great fabric for top level designers and many manufacturers turn to Hyde Park Denim for high-quality, affordable denim. Jeans, jackets, bags, vests. skirts, tops, and shawls are all types of clothing where you can use denim fabric. Denim is a fabric that can also be used at home by a home sewer, too. Though that takes some training and practice. One key advantage of denim is that it is made of cotton fibers, which makes it lightweight and easy to manipulate and sew as many other cotton fabrics. Denim also comes in many weights. Denim that is heavier may be more difficult to sew, but still not impossible if you know your way around the material. Or if you follow these tips.

How To Sew Seams When Sewing Denim

The seams of a denim jean are typically done with a flat felled seam. If you are using a regular seam, then you may have to trim the seams to avoid bulk. Especially the seam allowances of facings. Clipping seam allowances every one inch, especially for curvy seams, and grading the seam allowances are all necessary when sewing with denim.

When it comes to sewing with denim, it is better if you use a lightweight piece of material as the facing, so you do not have to deal with two layers of denim fabric, which can make the project or sewing more difficult than it needs to be. You can finish the hem this way, too.

Always press the seam open, especially if you are crossing seams. You can use the steam setting on your iron to make the seams behave. You can even use a hammer on the seam if that is an option.

In general, denim is a pretty thick fabric. You do not have to line dresses made with denim, but if you are choosing to do that then choosing a lightweight fabric as the lining material is the way to go.

When sewing though, do remember to interface the buttonholes and behind buttons for the best presentation of the clothing. Most denim clothes have bar tacks on high-stress areas, like the top of pockets. So set the sewing machine for a narrow zigzag and a very short stitch length Sew for 1/4" and reverse to reinforce it.

When hemming the jeans, it is a good idea to make the hem of the denim garments at least about 1" wide and double top-stitch at the top of the hem in order to prevent the hem from curling up.

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