How to Embroider on Denim

Sewing embroidery on denim looks great when done right. Get the right thread and color and you can make the denim pop. However, it is also difficult to do and requires a bit of skill. And it is tough to do on already complete or store-bought garments.

One of the simple things people embroider on denim jeans is lettering. This can be done with your home sewing machine. Do so with a zig zag stitch and you can bring a nice, personal tough to any pair of jeans you own. Or personalize a gift for someone.

Denim fabric is pretty thick. Due to this, you may have some difficulty to hoop on the embroidery hoop before stitching. Another common problem people run into is the thickness of the seams. Getting those hoops around the seams presents a unique challenge that requires a deft touch. In some instances, you may need to apply some kind of lightweight tear away/cut away stabilizer on the back. This offers some extra stability while embroidering on denim.

Denim is a great material to glamorize and embroidering is one of the most common ways to do it. It is a thick fabric, but couching is an embroidery you can easily do with denim. You can even use thick metallic threads to embellish denim with couching.

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