How Is Denim Usually Dyed?

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So, how is denim usually dyed? Well, the yarns in denim are colored with a natural dye that is made from the indigo plant. That gives the denim the purplish-blue hue that is most commonly found. However, the color does not always get to the yarn's core, which creates some nice fadings in the pre-wash process.

In today's manufacturing of denim, there are fewer denim fabrics woven with yarns using the natural dye process. So more and more synthetic or artificial dyes become popular to color the fibers. This makes the dyeing process more affordable, which reflects in the price of the denim fabric.

More Than Just Dyeing

Very light blue laundered denim When it comes to treating denim fabric, there are different ways to do so. Let's take a look at a few methods of creating and treating denim fabric.

Rinse Wash

This is the basic wash that will remove any residual dye. On top of that, it prevents the color from running. A rinse wash will make the denim softer, while also keeping a clean appearance.

Mid Wash

This is a wash that involves a longer process that removes dye color. Through this process, the denim is softer than the raw denim and will have a mid-blue color level.

Stone Wash

This is when denim is treated in order for it to have a worn appearance. In order to do so, the denim is placed in industrial clothes washers that are also filled with large stones that beat into the fibers of the denim.

Acid Wash

An acid wash is a type of stone wash that utilizes pumice stones, which get soaked in chlorine and get added to the washing process.

Bleach Wash

When you wash denim with bleach, it is considered a bleach wash. You can also apply the bleach through spray or by rubbing it by hand.

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