Hand Sewing Denim Tips

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Hyde Park Denim is a supplier of high-quality denim fabric. And we sell the denim fabric in stock at wholesale rates. Which makes us the ideal choice for those looking to do some sewing at home. And since we are trusted distributor of denim, we want to share some tips to help the home sewer. Like how to sew denim by hand.

Obviously, sewing denim with a machine is the most popular and convenient method. However, sometimes you have to sew denim by hand. When sewing denim with hand stitches, it can test the patience of even the most experienced sewers.

One common reason to sew denim with hand stitches is to hem pants. Primarily the pants of a kid, since they get worn in such a way and need to be reused. Also, when you pass down a pair of jeans, hemming allows for a better fit. Since sometimes the pants may be too long. And you do not want to simply cut the jeans, because then they will tear over time and that'll be it for those jeans. Hemming allows for a longer duration of use. Jeans are durable to begin with and extending their lifespan with hemming is common.

When hand sewing denim, spend extra money on the best quality thread. You do not want to turn this into a more laborious process by having a thin thread breaking often. It is worth spending more on a more reliable thread. Also, when stitching denim, do so with a sharp, long, big-eyed needle. This will make the hand sewing much easier.

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