How to Finish Denim Fabric Edges

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When you buy wholesale denim, you will need to finish these edges since denim frays a lot. By finishing it, you will ensure the longevity of the denim material staying together and not pulling apart. Finishing the edges of denim fabric takes a fair bit of skill and practice, though. But it is not impossible.

There are different stitching techniques for these various sewing methods. The flat felled seam finish is the most common finish for jeans. This seam finish will enclose the fabric edges, too. However, this is a very difficult sewing method to perform on a regular sewing machine. So keep that in mind.

Then we come to the overcast stitch, which you can use to finish the edges of denim fabric. Pinking shears are also a great cutting tool when working on a project like this. These shears will give the edge a zig-zag look, which makes fraying the edges nearly impossible. However, if the denim fabric is too heavy, then the edge finishing may not work well.

Flat Felled Seam Finish

Let's take a deeper dive in the flat felled seam finish, since it is the most common edge finish for jeans. This seam is nearly impossible to tear, which makes it perfect for finishing any sort of garment really. This seam is neat and flat, but also indestructible.

With a flat felled seam, the seam allowance is sewn completely flat, which is why you do not see the seam allowance when you look at it. This makes it the chosen seam for sports apparel, men's shirts, kid's clothes and the aforementioned inner seams of jeans.

The main advantage of this seam is its strength, since it is essentially a double stitched seam. And it is attractive, so you do not have to worry about how it looks. And since the seam allowance is hidden, there is no need for an additional seam edge finish. All of this makes it less irritating to the skin.

When sewing, this seam is not made the same way as a regular seam is. With a regular seam, you keep the fabric piece right-side up and then stitch the seam. Once this is complete, you finish the edges. However, when it comes to a flat felled seam, this is different since you will keep the fabric pieces wrong-sides together and then sew the fabric edges to the inside. This means it is sewn hidden under the fold seam allowance.

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