Denim Washing Information

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When it comes to buying denim, there are certain techniques and information to properly wash denim. Techniques have evolved over time, ensuring for better use of denim. And adding to their overall durability.

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Denim Washing Techniques

Since denim is used for clothes, the washing for the denim is crucial in how the final product comes out.  These techniques can enhance the denim and make it more unique. Here are some of those techniques:

  • garment washing
  • stone washing
  • stone washing with chlorine
  • ice washing

When someone is washing with one of these techniques, using a rotary drum machine works great! They do an excellent job processing the garments and the end result is ideal for use.

Pre-Washed Denim with Garment Washing

Pre-washed jeans by the manufacturer is part of the evolution of the jeans market. A pre-washed jean has a slightly faded appearance and is typically softer, like they have been laundered a few times. Due to the extra washing, the cost may be higher than typical jeans and denim fabric, but many consumers are willing to pay for the luxury.

This is how the modern jean is made. By pre-washing the denim, it is essentially ready to wear upon manufacturing. There is less of a need to break in the jeans. And overall, there is little to no residual shrinkage with a pre-wash jean.

The Use of Abrasive Stones

Somewhere along the way of washing and breaking in denim is the use of abrasive stone to accelerate the aging process. This is how the process of stone washing came about, which creates a broken-in look to the denim jeans.

Using Chlorine Bleach While Washing

Another form of denim washing utilizes chlorine, which creates a whole, new paler denim. This is the type of denim you will see as the traditional blue jeans.

Ice Washing with Denim

Lastly, we come to ice washing. This is when the porous stones are soaked in a bleaching agent. Then you tumble with a dry or slightly damp piece of denim. This process goes by a few names, including whitewash, snow wash, and acid wash. But when you hear acid washing, be sure to know that no acid is used in the process.