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Hyde Park Denim is a supplier of wholesale denim rolls. We are located on Long Island, New York, but ship to outlets around the country. We have worked with both large and small businesses during our time as a denim seller. Our years of experience has built up a foundation of success that is geared towards anyone looking for wholesale denim. Our denim is available in large, retail quantities.

Wholesale denim is great for large and small outlets, but we also provide our quality fabric to DIY’ers. No matter your size or needs, we the denim suppliers you can trust! Shop our denim fabrics today!

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Why Use Denim Fabric

Denim fabric is used to make many different types of clothing, like jeans, shorts, overalls, skirts, jackets, and dresses. The flexible material is also used for other items, like bags, duvet covers, and curtains. And not only the applications vary, but so does the material itself. Stretch solids, non-stretch solids, and prints are three different ways it can be manufactured. Customization is simple when it comes to this material and Hyde Park Denim is here to help! We can customize denim so it better suits your applications. From length, to width, to depth, denim can be transformed into how you see fit.

Retail outlets can count on Hyde Park Denim to deliver high quality denim fabrics. We are excited to offer exclusive denim fabric that has been imported from around the world. Turkey, Italy and Japan are three prominent distributors of the material.

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Hyde Park Denim has years of experience distributing high quality wholesale denim fabric to customers nationwide. We sell denim rolls that will align with your needs and can be sold at wholesale prices. For more information about our wholesale denim rolls, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our wholesale denim. The number to call to speak to someone from our distribution center is (917) 912-6484. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and quote for our high-quality denim fabric.