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Long Island Supplier of Wholesale Denim for Retailers Nationwide

Hyde Park Denim is a trusted supplier of wholesale denim that is perfect for use by retailers across the country. Denim is used in many industries and many retailers turn to it for various uses and applications. And many denim retailers are always looking for ways to improve and better their products by scoping out the best denim products on the market. By turning to Hyde Park Denim, retailers will be getting denim fabrics that are top-of-the-line.

Located on Long Island, New York, we supply our denim in retail quantities. And offer customers a wide variety of choices to choose from, which includes laundered denim and bull denim. Shop our full selection of denim fabrics today!

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For more information about the denim fabric we sell to retailers, please give us a call. The number for our office is 917-912-6484. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and go over our various denim options with you. As well as give you the accurate price points for these fabrics. Ensuring you make the correct call in the denim material you select.

Why Retailers Choose Hyde Park for Wholesale Denim

When you buy from Hyde Park Denim, you have the option to buy wholesale denim fabric that is perfect for retailers. We proudly have the denim fabric you need in retail quantities. Here are some great reasons to choose us as your wholesale denim supplier for retailers:

  • We welcome small orders of five yards and up.
  • Cater to the home sewer and cottage industry, so we are great for small businesses.
  • We stock regular, laundered and soft denim. All of which is ready to be used.
  • No extra processing required for the denim. Simple cut and sew on arrival.
  • We accept all major credit cards, making wholesale ordering easy!

Hyde Park Denim is one of the leading suppliers of denim fabric in the United States. We are excited to be able to offer exclusive, imported fashion denim and fancy related denim fabric that is perfect for retailers and small businesses. This material is found in the most expensive jean and sportswear apparel on the market. Many of the most famous brand names use it, too. Originating from Turkey, Italy and Japan, this beautiful denim fabric is available as stretch and non-stretch solids, prints and denims. Shop our various denim fabrics today!

Our Laundered Denim

Our laundered denim is one of a kind. It captures the durability and beauty that you expect from denim. It is fashionable and looks modern, but still has that classic look, too. And you can use the laundered denim for so many reasons. From upholstery, to apparel, to bags, shoes, furniture and more! Get the most out of this material by using it to its capabilities. Check out the various types of laundered denim we have for sale.

Why Use Wholesale Raw Denim?

When you choose the raw denim at Hyde Park Denim, you are getting the best material possible for retailers. We aim to make our raw denim as affordable as possible, which makes wholesale ordering even easier. Purchase raw denim to use for decorating bedrooms and living rooms. Use it to upholster chairs, couches, curtains and sofa slip covers. Create clothing, such as skirts or jeans with it. Be as creative as you want! Even create pet beds with the denim we sell.

But just know you are getting this material at a great price when you turn to Hyde Park Denim. Learn more about raw denim, a material that is widely used by various industries and retailers.