Denim Fabric Sales

black bull denimAre you looking for affordable sales when it comes to denim fabric? Well, Hyde Park Denim is proud to be a wholesale supplier of denim fabric. Get the best denim materials on the market for prices that you can afford. We have denim fabric in retail quantities, which makes sales to big and small manufacturers easy and affordable. Check out some of our selection below!

Affordable Sales for Denim Fabric

We are one of the premier sellers of denim fabric for customers throughout the USA. We are an experienced seller of affordable denim materials and offer our clientele a great selection of denim. From its color, to its length, our sales of denim fabric are only of the highest quality. When it comes to denim fabrics we sell, laundered denim and bull denim are two of the more popular types. Each type of denim can be broken up into different colors. Our laundered denim is available in the following colors:

  • Dark Blue Laundered Denim
  • Medium Blue Laundered Denim
  • Light Blue Laundered Denim
  • Very Light Blue Laundered Denim

Shop Our Laundered Denim

Our bull denim is available in the following colors:

  • Black Bull Denim
  • Gunmetal Bull Denim
  • Khaki Bull Denim
  • Loden Bull Denim
  • Natural Bull Denim
  • Navy Bull Denim
  • Tomato Bull Denim
  • White Bull Denim
  • Black Stretch Twill
  • White Stretch Twill

Shop Our Bull Denim

Check out our full selection of available bull denim. This denim is great for both the home sewer and both small and large retailers.

Overall, denim is a durable and versatile material, which lends itself to various uses. It is a practical material for upholstery, car seats, luggage, home furnishings, and much more! And our wholesale sales of denim fabric makes it an easy material to purchase in bulk. Buy as much as you need! By buying wholesale, we make it easy for small businesses to get high-quality denim material at an affordable price.

Contact Hyde Park Denim

Hyde Park Denim has sales for high-quality denim fabric. Located on Long Island, New York, we are a nationwide supplier of denim materials and sell to clients across the USA! Get affordable, wholesale pricing for all of the denim fabrics we sell. For more information about our selection of denim materials for purchase, please contact us today.

We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding denim. Feel free to call our New York office to discuss buying denim. The number to dial is (917) 912-6484. When you call, we can discuss the denim fabric sales we have, as well as any customization you are looking for. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more about the denim fabric we have for sale!