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Denim Fabric for Manufacturers of Chef clothing and attire

Hyde Park is now proud to introduce our new line of custom denim chef attire. With a multitude of blends and top of the line demin fabric, chefs can trust our products to last and keep up with the heat in the kitchen.

The traditional chef's uniform includes a toque, white double-breasted jacket and houndstooth-patterned, black and white pants. It is a common uniform in the Western world and can now be made with our denim fabrics!

The popular and common double breasted jacket can be reversed to hide stains. The thick cotton cloth protects from the heat that generates from the kitchen stoves and ovens. These denim chef clothes protect from the splattering of boiling liquids. The knotted cloth buttons were infused into the design so they could survive frequent washing and contact with hot items. White is intended to signify cleanliness and is generally worn by highly visible head chefs.

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The toque is a chef's hat that dates back to the 16th century. Different heights may indicate rank within a kitchen. The 100 folds of the toque are said to represent the many different ways a chef knows to cook an egg. In more traditional restaurants, the white chef’s coat is standard and considered part of a traditional uniform and as a practical chef's garment. Veteran kitchen staff members are identified by black trousers.

Regardless of your rank as a chef, Hyde Park Denim Company is providing a unique, comfortable, breathable and affordable new style of chef’s clothes. Try our denim chef attire today!

More About Hyde Park Denim

Hyde Park Denim Manufacturer is excited to be offering exclusive, imported fashion denim and fancy related fabric. This exceptional material is found in the most expensive jean and sportswear apparel on the market. It is used by famous brand names and is created using the finest materials in the world. Originating from Turkey, Italy and Japan, this beautiful denim is available as stretch and non-stretch solids, prints and denims.