Denim Manufacturer

Hyde Park Denim is proud to be an American denim manufacturer and is a leading supplier of wholesale denim fabric. The denim we manufacture can be made into an assortment of different items, such as jeans, overalls, skirts, bags, Capris, dresses, curtains, shirts and even shoes. And there are tons more accessories that denim can come in useful for. They do not call us the denim doctor for nothing! We can help solve any denim problems you may be experiencing. 

Leading Denim Manufacturer

Hyde Park Denim is a denim manufacturer with years of experience in the field. We distribute denim to customers across the country and is the perfect destination for home sewers, DIY'ers and both small and large manufacturers. We have a variety of high quality denim that is manufactured and is perfect for many different applications. To learn more about the wholesale denim fabric we supply, please contact us today. The number to call is 1-877-336-4686. Learn about how we become one of the leading denim manufacturers in the United States. A customer service representative will kindly speak to you and answer any questions you may have regarding our denim cloth options. From wholesale denim to retail denim, we have you covered! We welcome orders of all sizes!